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Am I The Only One ?

Am I the only one that frets over my birthday ? It feels like I'm getting older and older and that life is getting shorter and shorter ._.
deleted deleted 26-30 3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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I hate my birthday too, but not for the same reasons that you do. I like the fact that life is getting shorter and shorter.

I had to smile at this given your age. Can you imagine how short life is at my age? lol. Try another perspective. There are adventures and opportunities that await you that will not be available for many years. Anticipate the future with hope. You will grow wiser and stronger and although you will experience difficult times, even those will become memories that will form the fabric of the wonderful lady you will become. Good luck and happy birhtday. :)

that's true but all living things are moving not we got to live with it. We are actually getting old by seconds!:)