Eff. This. Day.

No seriously.

I won't even go into the childhood insanity of my birthday, but let's just say it was never 'my' day. Ever. My Birthday has always been about somebody else. My Mom, my Grandfather and so on. It's always been about keeping somebody else happy. The gifts, if there are any, are always utterly thoughtless. It crosses the line from being a 'gift' to 'let me unload this burden on you'. Ungrateful? It's hard to be grateful when your gift is actually trash, like, the gifter acknowledges it BEFORE you open it (assuming it's wrapped at all). To clarify, I once got a vaguely incontinent, 14 year old chocolate Himalayan cat for my Birthday who had been living in a tiny crate for months, was sick had matted fur and hated everything. Her owner had died, the owner's daughter didn't have the balls to put this angry, miserable, arthritic, sick, METHUSELAH down, but didn't want her so, I ended up with this cat for my birthday no really, the filthy crate had a bow. In spite of the fact that I'm good with cats to the point where I can bathe strays without bleeding and can usually tame, train and rehome them in a month or so, this cat hated me. She had breathing problems. I actually had to shave her to deal with her skin issues and mats from the crate-living. She was hundreds of dollars in vet bills. The entire three years I had her, she hid behind the washer-machine and hissed at everybody. THAT is the level of my birthday gifts.

Recently, in my adult years, I've tried to take a stand and I've tried to make my birthday something to look forward to. I decided I was going to be as much of a primadonna as the rest of my friends and family for my 25th. Why not? It's a significant number. We had a party with well over a hundred people for the last 25th birthday. It was a full on themed, costumed affair and the birthday girl threw a fit ever hour for two months before it. We got up at 4 AM to prep for this madness. Everybody thought her antics were ADORABLE. Oh man, did the bricks fall on me at the first sign that I was going to be a little bit picky. All I asked for was a party from my best friend and for all the gifts to instead be donations to the ASPCA. I just wanted to spend the night playing board games, eating cake that was actually tasty and drinking cider. It was a disaster of epic proportions. It ended in my best friend spending all the money from her boyfriend and her mother for my gift on herself. Nine people showed up out of the 45 invited. Several completely uninvited. One person donated, the rest didn't bother with a gift because I 'didn't want anything'. There was no cake, in fact, there wasn't even enough food to go around. I drank until everything got less bad. The girl who had the mega 25th party made the entire night about her.

This year, I decided that I didn't care. Deciding is one thing, the doing, is another. I was more than happy to have a joint party with another of my best friend's fiancee's friends, under a theme they picked out. I wasn't going to do anything any way. The event page went up with no mention of the birthdays. I heard from my best friend that the other guy's birthday wasn't until September and he just really wanted to have a Mardi Gras party. 24 hours later, there's brief mention that it's my birthday. Immediately after the update to the event page, mega 25th (now 28th), puts up a big announcement that it's her little brother's 21st and she'll be bringing him along. Surprise, surprise it's now HIS party and I'm catching flack for inviting MY friends.

I don't know why I'm so hurt and angry about this. It's utterly childish, but I AM. I AM upset.

BlueSelkie BlueSelkie
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Seems like your surrounded with selfish people who do not understand you at all. Best thing would be to start walking away from your so called friends and look for new more rewarding relationships. People that are not a drain on you.