My Birthday Hate

I sincerely hate my damn birthday! ughh to start off i was born on February 14 otherwise known as Valentines day. I wish i was born on a different day or better yet that valentines day had never existed! Who in the hell invented that stupid day anyways??!! I want my birthday to be a day where its just about me not some retarded holiday but me! It makes my blood boil just even thinking about it I wanna be the only one feeling special and happy not because its valentines day but because i was born. **** you valentines day i hope you disappear!
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Move your birthday to the Saturday before or after valentines. and if it pops on a Saturday go Friday or such. Or just pick a different day altogether to celebrate. Its your Birthday do with it as you will.

It's not the same. It wouldn't be the day I was born -____-"

Please excuse my more then likely abstract thoughts but this is something that has been tinkering at the back of my mind. Your pose has given me some time to chew on this idea and try and bring some context to my thoughts. You happen to be the victim of my musings.

There are a few ways to proceed at this point. One being that in a purely historical and religious point of view the dates of celebration of a birthday has rarely been attached to the day people have emerged from the womb. Take most royalty, from back to the ancient Egyptian times the birthday of the ruler was celebrated on the day they ascended to the throne or crowned. The ancient Egyptians believed it was the day the pharaohs became gods. If you look in the bible I remember a discussion ages ago that birthdays are only mentioned twice in the bible and both dealing with pagans. And the birth of Jesus is no where near December 25th. Taken in current days Queen Elizabeth II was delivered was April 21st 1926. Her accession was on 6 February 1952 but now the official celebration of her birthday coincides with her Coronation on June 2nd 1953. On the American side of things. Lets take George Washington our first President. His birthday was on Feb 11, 1731. But since 1885 until 1971 his birthday was celebrated on Feb 22.

Now here is where a little historical context is needed. In 1752 Britain and her colonies switched from the Julian Calender to the Gregorian Calendar which caused the dates to jump ahead 11 days as well as moving January to the front of the line instead of the old calender starting in March. Now the country celebrated his birthday on Feb 22, right? Which would should make it back on his birthday. Well the Federal Government in their infinite wisdom changed his birthday to the third Monday in February which makes it guaranteed that his birthday is never celebrated on his 'actual' birthday as the third Monday in February cannot fall any later than February 21st.

Now time to bring up the hated valentines day thing. The current incarnation of it didn't start until 1797 in Britain by a publisher printing sentimental versus for young lovers. This has since expanded into the current day bastardization of the original Saint Valentines day to make the printers and confectioners a butt load of money.

So to close down my ramblings you can do two of probably many options. 1st you can let the valentines day crowd win and change your birthday as birthdays are pretty arbitrary if you will considering its really by chance when we plop into this world and what is so important about marking our time in existence on this planet instead of our friends and family celebrating once a year the joy, love and familiarity we bring to them.

The other option is to say **** you commercialism this is MY day of celebration. Lovers be they married or not should be celebrating it 365 days a year not just on some day picked out a millennium and a half ago to coincide with the imprisonment of a priest for performing weddings to those forbidden to marry. I hope this has given you some things to chew on even if they do nothing to change your position on birthdays.