My Birthday Is Bad Luck!

 So, I pretty much hate my birthday. When I was turning 16, I had a Sweet 16. One really important person didn't come. My party was awesome, but I kept thinking what was wrong with me that he didn't show up. For my 17th birthday all of my friends forgot. I barely got any messages and I sat home doing nothing. My 18th birthday was plagued with Mono. I was sick throughout my birthday and new years. 

My 19th and 20th birthdays were forgettable and I didn't even do anything to really celebrate them. I sat home.


My 21st birthday was awesome... but only for a little while. Midnight (the night before my birthday) we all went to a bar. That was the fun part. I got home and the next day (the actual day/afternoon) of my birthday my mother got sick and I spent half of it in the emergency room.


Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. As usual I have nothing planned. I pretty much hate this day. I never get any real gifts and I don't have any great friends to celebrate it with. I just want this day to pass and to head back to school so I could hang with my friends. 

Monica1236 Monica1236
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1 Response Dec 28, 2008

I'm sorry. I bet it's tough having a b-day at the end of Dec. <br />
<br />
Okay here's the plan, for your 23rd B-day make it special for just yourself. Plan to go somewhere you've never been before. Don't let the people around you ruin for you. Be determined to go to that special location. Now when you get there, just let things happen. Don't expect anything. Just enjoy your day. Then it won't be terrible, you would've done something different you had never done before. You'll break the cycle.