My Body Is Disgusting

what  to do im only 22.i was big as a teenager but lost weight when i was bout 16.but then tuk it to extremes and ended up with bulimia. my weight has fluctuated ever since then i got pregnant with twins and shot up to 15 stone but im still proud i didnt diet or doin anything silly while i was pregnant.afta i turned to bulimia agen n lost 5 stone but i kept between 10 stone and 11 stone aftaerwards.then this year thru sensible eatin im now unda 9 stone thinnest ive bin but  it doesnt matter my belly is saggy my boobs are droopy n i will always hide my body im so young but n i shud be enjoying my body now but i mite aswell be old.
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22-25, F
Jul 29, 2010