Fat, That's All I See That's All Other People See.

I don't remember when I became overweight, it feels like one day I was a happy skinny little girl and the next I was a fat 4th grader who wore XL in the juniors section. Looking back on it, I wonder why I let myself get that big? Every year I said I would lose it, "starting the year off right." everyone has had there first kiss and first boyfriend, but not me, but why would any guy want me? I'm just fat and whiney. No one ever made fun of me until 7th grade, the whole running away, trying to switch spots with your friend, and the look on someones face when they had to sit next to me. I guess I thought I wasn't that bad, I mean I don't smell, I'm not rude, I just mind my own buisness. People always look at me and all they see is fat. It is so hard to lose weight and I wish people knew how insecure I was and how I feel when I walk past someone, or when I hear someone laugh... Are they laughing at me?
StrawberryVampire StrawberryVampire
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

My dear, eating right and getting plenty of exercise are they keys to a happier healthier you. These days with a car to take us everywhere and lots of junk foods, it's not hard to see how easy it is to put on weight. I know. I've been there too. Try to set yourself some goals to aim for and be realistic in these. Try to walk instead of riding in a car to close destinations. Think about what and how much you eat. Think about joining a local gym. Most can give you help in both diet and exercise.Try to be happier. Our own happiness starts with us. I try to live by the motto "What other people think is none of my business" I want to be happier for me.