I Look Disgusting To Me

        I hate my body. I have since the 3rd grade. (I'm going into 8th)  I'm not fat, but I'm not like almost all the other girls in my school. They are all skinny and pretty, and they can wear whatever they want with no cares. They can wear tight shirts and look good in them. Me on the other hand,  look horrid in tight shirts. You can see the lumps and bumps on my gut. You can see my love handles. I hate it!!! I eat good most of the day, but when dinner comes, I have to eat what my parents make, and its never healthy, its always fatty and high in calories. My friends say that I'm skinny, but they never see me in a shirt thats not baggy, they never see me in a bikini. And they are complaining that they are fat when they weigh 100-110 pounds! Grrrrrrrr! Why can't I have the body I have always dreamed of having? Why cant I love myself? Why cant I be pretty?
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

God,when I remember what I looked like in 8th grade.. D: I'm a hypocrite because I'm in this experience group too and I want to tell you that you shouldn't hate your body,yada,yada,yada.I don't hate my body as much as I used to,everything's even-ed out with age,I'm 18 btw.The traditional way of thinking goes that you should have a shape by now,but in reality it takes some of us longer. :/ It's not just about eating either,it's about exercise..and about what amount you eat,not so much how much of it you eat.Oh,also!You sill have a few more years to grow an inch or two. :) Basically,I'm just wishing you luck with feeling better about yourself.There's not enough time in life to hide yourself away in over-sized shirts. *hugs*