Just Started

I'm 20. I am 5`2 and I weigh 129lbs. 
I hate my body. I know I'm within my normal range! But I can't help feeling fat. It's just started. And I have no idea how to get round it! Because no matter how hard I try it isn't working.
I used to eat what I wanted and was around 133lbs. I didn't care about my weight then until now.
I constantly calorie count. I've even started weighting out food. I was never like this and now I feel unhappy everytime I put food in my mouth.
I haven't gone to the extreme where I have become bulimic or starved myself because I love food.
I'm just unhappy with my obsessive habit of calorie counting.
I also crave crisps and sweets! And when I eat some I really am hard on myself. I sometimes skip meals because of it. 

Can anyone give advice?
Unhappyandsad Unhappyandsad
Aug 7, 2010