I am disgusted with my body. I can't even bare to look at myself in a mirror, without thinking that I am so ******* ugly, and so fat, and that it would be illegal to be this ******* hidious. When I get to really thinking about how much I truly ******* hate my body. It makes me want to hamnr myself, and destroy this hidious ******* body!

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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

dont be so down on yourself like on the real. girl be who you are and dont worry about **** people say to you or the **** you feel about yourself. like yeah i have very bad self esstem issues, but i dont wanna hurt my body. hun dont worry about your body, worry about your life and dont let your body get in the way of being who you are. and hun look at the mirrior cause im sure a goregous person will be lookin right back at you <3

Hey it could be worse..you think that about yourself..and me...well I was pretty much told I am old fat and nerdy..*LMAO* (True story..and I really just want you to laugh a little or I would not have shared that!)