When i was a child, 10-11-12 i was very, chubby because i still had my baby fat. I have lost all that weight now.
Im now 17 & I have become really self causes of my body. I really hate it . no matter what anyone sais i really hate it .
Beucase of  puberty, ever since , i have "shaved" down there or " waxed" becuase of the waxing , i have produced many many scars from "in grown hairs" and im so terrified to buy bikinis. I buy so many, but  i only try them on when i get home. Wishing I could wear a bikini in public some day without being embarassed from all those scars....

mirandaDawnMacAskill mirandaDawnMacAskill
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Do you mean stretch marks ?