Everywhere But There

I'm going into high school this year, so my mom and I have been hitting the gym a lot to look great for school. Problem is, the 'great' part isn't happening! I like a lot of things about my body - I actually think my legs are pretty hot. I don't have an over-the-top bust, but it's not invisible either. I think my eyes are pretty, and I've begun to like my glasses. But my stomach is so stubborn! My mom tells me I only have a muffin top, but I can barely hold the whole mass in my hand. Call THAT a muffin top. The weird thing is, the rest of me is just fine! I fit into smaller sizes, but when I have to accomodate the stomach fat in tops and things, the sleeves and shoulders end up huge. When I'm standing up, it's not as visible, it's just kind of there, but when I sit down it goes "whomp" and decides to **** the hell out of me.

Great. I'm only 13 and I'm already having a problem. Joy to the world.
lemondrop5578 lemondrop5578
Aug 12, 2010