Hating And Wasting

I honestly dont like my physique. I am young but short (5 foot) with only semi-long legs and an average torso. I am super skinny but not as much in my legs. I wish my legs were 10 times skinnier, my feet were more archy, and my torso was shorter, a LOT shorter. I am almost flat, but I wish I were 100% flat and had longer legs. My arms are puny and about 5 inches around seriously. I hate it so much. I want to be perfect.
anniesomecay anniesomecay
1 Response Jan 7, 2011

ummm I'm flat too but in a different area XD anyways you need to accept yourself as you are. Find something that you like about yourself. Make body peace. I always thought I was ugly and had a big nose so instead I wanted to make body peace with myself. I didn't want to bash myself all the time and be negative. So I thought I had nice hands ( a lot of people compliment me on this) :p. They are long and look very nice when my nails are painted. I also like my dark eyes...Anyways try to see what you like about yourself. I'm sure you'll find something!