The Beginning.

To start this off, I would not by any means say that I am "fat." At times, I do feel fat, but I know very well that there are people out there who actually ARE fat, who would feel offended if I called myself fat. I am about 5'5, and I weigh about 135-140 pounds. I would personally like to be in the 120 weight area... but, who knows if I'll ever get there. I have an inverted triangle body shape, or a cone shape, and it eats away at me every single day. I have broad shoulders, and wide back, no defined waste, small boobs, and my hips narrow smaller all the way down to my ankles. (if that makes any sense). One thing I will give myself... is that I have really nice legs, but that's about it. If you want to really imagine what I look like... imagine a V. The letter V is wide at the top, and narrows all the way down. That's how I am. And I hate it. I feel like I look disgusting in clothes, and nothing looks good on me. I feel like guys find me hideous. I am not shaped like the perfect beautiful girls. And it's hard for me to see those girls walking around, with their perfectly shaped bodies, knowing that I'm never going to have that. I've NEVER starved myself, or made myself throw up. Nor have I self harmed myself. But I am at the point right now, where I do feel like I need to eat less. Starting today, I only plan on eating breakfast, a fruit for a snack for lunch, and eat less during dinner. I feel as if loosing weight will make me look a little bit more normal...
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2 Responses Jun 14, 2011

SAme here :( I am absolutely sick of my FUDGING Ugly figure :/ its the exact same.. NO butt... small boobs.. no waist definition... ABSOLUTELY NO HIPS whatsoever :/ there's Absolutely NOTHING Good about mY figure :(

OMG, I understand where you're coming from! I'm 5'5" & 160 lbs. Some days I feel bigger than others. I have a broad back and shoulders, wide arms, NO waist (it just goes straight down like a boys), NO hips, giant, meaty thighs that I probably will always have no matter what, and NO butt (my back just looks extra long and looks horrible in jeans). The only thing I like are my boobs (36D), thats about it. I want to lose weight and get down to at least 130 lbs but that won't fix my shape. It won't give me a womanly, hourglass shape just because I lose weight. I feel horrible and ugly and worthless some days. And doesn't help that I have an older sister that has a model's body & can eat anything and not gain a pound. :( I hope one day I find a way to lose weight and find someone that will look at my body and love me for me, but for now those are just dreams.