I Am So Angry About This

I hate that I hate my body. I am totally normal and more or less attractive - not too tall or short, not too thin or curvy - but because I live in a society that makes people who don't look like Jessica Alba feel ugly... I hate my body. I have a stomach pooch and although I have nice legs, toned arms, and I am happy with my boobs, I am convinced that no guy will like me because I always hear guys make fun of girls with a "gut." 

I try to exercise but I am chronically fatigued, I have no idea why but it is probably some combination of depression, anxiety, not enough sleep, and not eating regular meals. They say exercise gives you more energy but I have yet to see that happen. However, I am dedicated to remaining healthy because I have seen many of my relatives become weak as they get older, so I started lifting weights and running. It's hard though.

When I am dating someone, I am less insecure about my looks, because they usually like the way I am. However, my last boyfriend was an ******* to me and told me that I could lose weight (which I totally shouldn't! I'm fine!). MEH. My dad is a photographer and he has always told me that models are all photoshop, but I still want to look better. I had two friends in high school with eating disorders, and I would never go down that road, but I can understand it. 

This is a sick culture.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2011

I thihk you should forget what the world thinks, and know in your heart that you are the most beautiful person that you know. It's taken me a long time to learn that life lesson. Sounds like from the way you describe yourself you are beautiful!!!