I am not happy with the way I look at all. I hate my body so much, there are seriously times where I just want to take a knife to every imperfection I have, and just cut it all up and destroy it for good. It really hurts to look in the mirror sometimes... I disgust myself.   
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Have you ever tried living with a blindfold?... It could enlighten you if this is how you feel. Along the lines of the Allegory of the Cave.

I know how you feel!!

Me too I wish I could cut off my stomach and suck fat out and actually a head transplant would be good my body is disgusting :( you're not alone in feeling this way

Hi i used to think the same thing has you.But then i lost someone realy close to me and thay told me to be happy with what you got and the fact that you have the chance to live. This person had cancer and had no choice but to live life to the most and that was not long.So now i live life as if it were the last day ever day. dont take any notice of what other people say or do just be you and think to yourself ha I AM A LIVE .....GOOD LUCK/

Oh how I feel the same

So many of your stories seem upbeat...especially about how you love to wear heels. You ARE beautiful...i had a hard time not feeling affection for you reading your words. Please feel better!

I know it can be hard to be a normal girl surrounded by tv and movie that show girls that look perfect. But your not the only one honey. And if you tell yourself that you're repulsive and ugly and nasty looking then that is what you will see in the mirror. You may not be perfect but who is? Girls that have personal trainers, crazy diets, surgery on the regular, photoshop? That's not reality for us! You wanna know sad? Look at those girls that were born with one arm instead of two. The girls that have cancer and lose their hair and feel ugly. The girls that have dreams of being a dancer but were born with a back problem that makes their legs handicapped. Knowing that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. So look in the mirror again, thank God, and tell yourself that you are beautiful. It might feel horrible at first but you will eventually begin to believe yourself. Good luck. And I wish you the best.

Why do you hate your body so much?

My best advice, take control of yourself, find a motivation, and do something about it! I was to the point where diabetes is a huge possibility for me and yet I still sat on the couch all day eating! My health, my nephews, and not having to see my boyfriend for 7 months and wanting to impress him, became my motivation. I do little work outs at home and walk a mile a day or every other day. I eat what I want, but I eat smaller portions. I still hate how I look and I would love to get a body make over, but I know thats not realistic for me. I don't have the money, or the pain tolerance, to get a tummy tuck or lifts..

Are you feeling better with the way you look? Where are you with that?

I'd advise against making any physical alterations. You're the result of millions of years of evolution. What could be better than that?