Need To Be Thin!!

ive tried for a year litrally on and off from starving, binging, purging and alot of exersize and i lost around 3 stone in a short time bt atm my wieght loss has stopped!:S ive hated the way i look since i was young and now i wwant to do something about it!
i dont know why but all my will power has to! i dont feel comfy at the size i am!:S
family, teachers and ''friends'' keep telling me ive put on weight and it makes me feel awful as i dont know how i have!
can someone help me?? give me tips?? keep me focused on loosing weight??
if anyone can help please do:) thanks for listening:)
xcantlookx xcantlookx
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 1, 2011

oh im sorry i might of forgot to put it! :S yer i got it thankyou:)<br />
i feel really horrible today! having a bit of a down day but i have had barely anything to eat which is a positive :( how are yo doin?

hi :) same i feel like ive put on soo much weight resently! i went to america in the summer and its a place ive always wanted to go and i coudnt fully enjoy it becasue i was made to eat :( i always cry aswell but only in my own company! i feel like a proper failure :/<br />
yer thats a really good plan! if you want to aswell this is my email below and feel free to email me whenever you need avice or just encouregment and i'll help you best i can!<br />
thankyou!! : ) hope to hear from you soon :)

I feel like a failure all of the time as well. Isn't it weird that our physical shape and weight can make us feel so horrible, can cripple us from happiness. I feel bad for letting it, but at the same time, I don't. I'm miserable and I guess that misery loves company, but I wish that you didn't feel the way I do.

:( yeah i think its wierd how much it takes over but i just fake a smile and to everyone else it seems like im doin okay but wwhen you know inside its like completly the opposite:/ i know this might sound weird but if i dont feel bad inside (which is RARE that i feel completly happy) but i feel like bad. like i need to make myself feel bad because im scared if i feel happy then i'll start eating loads :S ! im really sad that you feel the same as i do cos i know how horrible it feels. hope your okay