I Want Plastic Surgery

My body has been a source of discontent since the age of 11, many times I have cried when I looked at myself in the mirror neck down. It makes me grimace in disgust.

I hate the fact I am only 5'2, I wish I was 5'8

I wish I had Giselle Bunche's stomach and legs. I wish I had "gap" between my thighs. I want liposuction right now! Being a size 1 is nothing. I detest the fact I have a flab when I sit down! cringe.

I wish my boobs were perkier, the size is OK, no actually I want them to be a full D cup.

I wish my buttocks were perkier and bigger. I need gluteal implant and lift.

I want mandibular reduction surgery. I wish my face looked more gaunt like a supermodel.

I wish I had perfect, flawless skin all over, I hate blemishes of all kinds; Scheibner laser MY SAVIOUR.  is that sacrilegious?

I want poutier lips (Oh Jolie). Collagen injections?

Only after these "procedures" have been carried out, will I feel happy.

 Now all I need is AUS$120,000 

umathena umathena
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Don't look at plastic surgery as self esteem miracle worker, it's not. Try to be realistic in your expectation. Try to ask surgeon to make you better version of you.

You can get surgery cheaper outside your country. I planning on going to south korea for mine.

I want everything yu just said.

I want surgery too...I am 5'6 and I wish I was shorter but I have long "lips" and I can't do anything with them I just wanna cut them off..I'd rather have a flat butt then long "lips"

This story makes me sad! Why do young women have to buy into the media's perception of beauty? I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and now that I know that my slightly sagging breast will be completely removed let me tell you I appreciate it!!!

You do not want to be taller. I am 5'7 or 5'8 and feel like a freak whenever I go ANYWHERE. Also, I am thin, but I only have a very small gap inbetween my thighs. I am a C cup and wish my boobs were bigger. Believe me I want a better body too

i want boobs and i want to be taller (5'2) and I also want to see a gap between my thighs. rather than having potato legs and worrying about cellulite. BAH! i also need money.

I wanzto

I want so many plastic surgeries, too. :( I want to be perfect. And I hate that I'm so not. Anyway, I feel your pain.

Jesus, wtf is wrong with you? Get a job and pay for your own stuff instead of whining about it. When you're done, change your name to Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Well thank you random woman... you have just made me hate myself even more, just by reading that. <br />

I am 5'2'' as well. I've learned to love being short. It's kinda feminine and cute. <br />
I envy your cup size. I have very small boobs so please love yours the size they are.

all you need is god nutrition regime and a shaper. Please get in touch for more info. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

I'm with you. I really want a chin implant, rhinoplasty, I am a size 6, 5 foot 9...def need some lypo on my butt and thighs, not to mention a breast augmentation :/ sucks being a poor college student.

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I wish I had a gap between my thighs too. I don't envy angelina jolie though, shes anarexic and her lips are weird. I was anarexic and bolimic for a while, and it is not fun. Being pretty is too hard, how do people do it?!!!!

I hate my body!...I wish I were a different gender!

hun i looked at your pics and ur beautiful , you could be a supermodel

not to sound rude, but if you hate your body so much, why do you post pictures of yourself everywhere?

besides ... doc bozo might ... just might ... turn out to be that love of your life and you don't even realize it yet. keep your mind open!

i've taken interest in several of your 'experiences' today. i've collected somewhat of a psychological profile - i'm by no means a professional, however, i am an above average arm chair psychiatrist. with that said ... due to your more than colorful childhood with the racism, the need to get your father's approval (EVERYone does this) via good school marks as well as having a fantastic physique (a daughter he could be proud of and marry off easily), the complicated relationship with your mother, your mother's suicide attempts (one or more being due to your father's extramarital affair...s), the need to impress a future suitor in order to marry high in class (and now he's a plastic surgeon - YIKES!) ... there are many components here that all add up and what i can see is that you are striving for something commonly known as perfection. fortunately there is no such thing. even those we view as perfect find themselves utterly disgusting in some way or another - this is the honest truth and we all know it. having been witness to the drama and humiliation your mother would bare due to your father's infidelities and knowing your husband-to-be will create and improve perfect bodies (in your eyes ONLY - they wouldn't be there for improvement if they thought their body was perfect) and having semi-dated the talented psycopath as your first *experience* of sorts ... i can see all these components and many others adding up to create a very frail human that finds no self worth in who she is rather than what she looks like. i can smell the fear you have of your future and the dread of going through what your mother went through; embarrasment, devastation, most likely a marriage lacking any real value of the emotion of love - even to it's more shallow depths. i see fear in your raw (the topics you express are REAL) and refined (well written) manner of ex<x>pression, etc. etc. etc. realizing that you are most scared of being like your mother or ever in any life situation that would perhaps mimic her life in any way, you must and i repeat MUST recognize who YOU are. you absolutely must define yourself and i don't mean with your physique. define yourself as a woman to your family and friends - SLOWLY and VERY GENTLY with much grace and tact. this will assist you with your self esteem and confidence, your self worth and eventually will quash some of your fears. i realize you are unable to NOT marry the bozo doctor, however, it might bode well for your future if you have a very honest conversation with the man in regard to what he wants in this marriage and preface it with simply preparing yourself for your happy future with him because your only desire is to please him. *wink wink* no one will be the wiser as to what you are truly seeking. this information will allow you to mentally prepare for what lies ahead. should he be kind enough to reciprocate and inquire of your desires and requirements, this would be a divine sign that he is actually a human and should relieve you to some degree. if he does inquire of you the same, be honest yet graceful (tactful) with him and see if you can't level the playing field some. this will also give you greater confidence in yourself and your future. i could go on for hours upon hours regarding 'components' and possiblities ... to some degree our lives, although universes apart, are quite parallel. as always, i wish you nothing but the best.

Flaws are true beauty..remember that. How boring would it be if everyone was blond, tanned with fake breats and a size 00. boorrinng

Two years ago I re connected with my sweetheart who was my neighbor from the time I was 7 until I was 13.<br />
<br />
We dated in Highschool from age 15 to 17 and again in college age 18 and 19. Our entire families went out camping and to pick nics together. <br />
<br />
He and I took our moms out to the Mother's Day Banquet at our school TOGETHER.<br />
<br />
In our early twenties he left for Europe and got married. <br />
<br />
What a change from our young bodies into our nearly 60 year-old bodies!!<br />
<br />
While talking on the phone we tried to let eachother know that we felt embarrassed to think of being physically close. <br />
<br />
During that brief conversation we both said that it really did not matter, we knew and loved eachother and had a strong history.<br />
<br />
When we had our first date, he said: <br />
"I still recognize you and you have aged well."<br />
I felt exactly the same and said it. <br />
<br />
We were married 8 months later and the droopy, draggy or bigger than before body parts are not even an issue. <br />
<br />
Beauty is all encompassing. It is not limited to a part. <br />
<br />
Wheter or not he gets bigger or smaller, or has less or more hair, he is my beloved. <br />
<br />
I believe that when you have the means to dress up and look your best it is a wonderful hapenstance. <br />
<br />
If you have enough means to enliven your face and make it expressive of who you really are if your present face does not do this for you, it is a happy hapenstance <br />
<br />
But, I KNOW that happiness is not based on how I look. <br />
<br />
Just my point of reference, <br />
<br />

A nympho who dislikes her body?...I got you covered on that one.<br />
I think you look great, but I know that you've got think it to believe it.