Always Uncomfortable.

Hello everyone.
First off I should say that I completely "get" what you're all saying about how you feel about your figures.
I'm 6ft and an ex-rower, and my body is a strange combination of far too much muscle to be womanly and a fair bit of fat. 
I used to be extremely fit and felt confident about my body - I was strong and healthy - but now I feel like I have let everything go and lost control.
I have tried countless times to change things, but my lack of willpower means I always revert back to my terrible eating habits.
My confidence has gone and I hate myself for letting my slim self slip away.
I feel uncomfortable in my own skin and I want to do something about it.
I have been 3.5 stone lighter than I am now, and I would like to lose at least 2.5 stone this year. 
Any advice/support is greatly welcomed.
EmmaKathryn EmmaKathryn
May 7, 2012