Today is May 16, 2012 8:37pm in California. I am 19 yrs young and I hate my body. My upper body is bigger than my lower body; it eats me alive! I dont even care about having a big booty and the small waist; I just want my body to be healthy and my shoulders to be smaller. The part that kills me the most about my ugly body is my back. I have 7 rolls on my back; small ones but they are definitely there and my shoulders are huge and my arms are big. I hate it; its bad enough I'm dark skinned I dont need to be big too. My body kills my self esteem tramendously and its extremely difficult for me to lose weight because I am a diabetic and the fat just never goes anywhere! I HATE MY BODY AND I DO NOT LOVE MYSELF. I am not living life because I cannot love my body/myself. & if I dont love myself then who will :/ec
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May 16, 2012