Thought It Would Be Better

Over the last 4 years I have lost 310 lbs. I am now "Overweight" per the BMI Scale and not "Obese" (or morbidly obese III as I used to be)

After struggling all my life with my weight, I would think I would finally like my body. No such luck.  It's driving me nuts and turning my wife OFF.

I knew that loose skin would be somewhat of a problem, but I didn't think I would look like a F**kn' Shar Pei. Everything hangs down now.  As a man, I may not look like I have breasts anymore, but my chest sag down like a 90 year old women who was a A cup. My belly button area is full of wrinkles and scars from all my surgeries. Even my, lets say man equipment, hangs down so far that they look like they are about to fall off.  If I don't pull the loose skin up, I can't see it, since the they sag down so low.

I always thought I would be happy now.  Now all I do is I wish I had the money to do plastic surgery.

ARFishingDad ARFishingDad
36-40, M
2 Responses May 17, 2012

Prayers and encouragement to you. You are awesome!

You've done awsome. Join a support group and get a shrink (psychologist). You cannot maintain the change without also changing your psyche. It is kinda heavy but read up on it. And give yourself a break man and a big pat on the back. Hang in there man ! Peace.