Hate My Body

i know mostly girls r sayinthat they r hatin their body but am here. i m really htingmy body.i always wanted 2 bea girl.i really love 2 be a girl ,wear girls dresses and skirts 2 school.i wish i was a girl

babe34 babe34
18-21, T
17 Responses May 31, 2012

one word for you, AWESOME <3

you really world like a lady
your so nice babe i love see you

Would love to know you, will you add me please?

babe your dream will come true never stop believing girl

I understand. It's hard for you I am sure. Don't give up.

I'm with you on that. All the way.

I am not thrilled with my body but i dont want to deal with the doctor nonsense to get hormones don't now. So i am using hypnosis quite successfully. Check out cheetu.com he has some a couple of really good programs.


You're not the only one,not by a long shot,but you are still very young hunni


You are so not alone in your feelings.;-)

Sadly I was blocked from your white board. You have to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. I hope you will consider adding me as a friend.

you have the most interesting things to say.... Love reading your stuff.

hi! I know what do you feel me to I was so fast but I try some thing so easy and now I have a perfect body if you are interesting take a look in that site and read what people say about that and try it's very Cheap and he gonna help alot thats is the site <br />
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You look ALL GIRL to me,,and way yummy hehe

Don`t hate your body...just pursue your goal and in time you will be a complete woman; you look fab anyway so I`m wondering if you have had the full transgender operations? my apologies if you have.

I hope your dream comes true and you find the body that brings out your spirit.


Is that really you in this picture and are you really a "T" girl? you are very ery hot and sexy and I am totally amazed and highly impressed! Are you going to have the surgery or have you already had it???

yeh its my real pic!!

Your hot my dear, have excellent stories and profile......

would love to see you dressed, or not!