I Despise Myself. I Hate My Body So Much, I Wanna Die.

I hate my body, I'm 13, but I started devoloping a lot earlier than supposed to. I remember going to the doctors when I was just 7 years old, because my breasts where hurting, the where growing. By the time I was 10 years old, I was in cup size B. Now im a C..I had stretch marks on my breasts, but I used bio oil and that helped, but since I have become more aware of the human body, I have been looking at mine, and wondering. I hate my breasts now, because I have inverted nipples. I have always had them, since I was a baby..I have just only really taken notice now. People would take the mick, and I hate it, I hate my breasts.
I also hate my vagina, because, I have a big labia(lips). I want to get rid of it. It's not nice. I thought I would be able to trust my ex girlfriend, but she went around telling everyone and now they all take the mick. I have known that my vagina isn't right for a while, just.. I don't know.
I dont really care about anything else about my body, just those 2 things. I just want to be normal like every other normal female, I don't want to have to be really self-concious about myself when it comes to sex. I know, I'm 13...but age is just a number..maturity is a different thing, and for me to post this, it's a huge step for me.
mirandabentley2205 mirandabentley2205
Sep 23, 2012