Im Not Fat Im Too Skinny

while reading most of the stories i cant find someone who has the same problem as me 5ft 4 ....i wish i were taller and 108 pounds may sound ok but my body isnt .. everyone makes fun of me even my parents ... i cant wear short dresses or skirts because everyone will laugh at my skinny legs i cant wear skinny jeans because my legs look too tall and ugly ( im repeating my mothers words right now ) and it doesnt make it easier that im a 15 year old girl who is actually trying to fit in ....some of you will say if you were so upset about being thin eat more...well for me the solution isnt that easy first i do eat not a lot but slightly over enough secondly when i gain weight it all goes to my belly so i end up still thin with a fat belly.....i try exercising well tried that didnt work i do walking ,jogging and cardio but still no result ....and thats only my body not mentioning my hair face eyes nose......dont get me wrong i dont hate myself i am just annoyed about my body....i havent reached the giving up point yet :)
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you'll never reach the giving up point, because you're too young, your body isn't at his final shape yet.
You must be happy because you're lucky that you have the under weight problem, because it's easier to gain weigh than to loose it, just concentrate on your study, and dress in a manner you don't provoke people, because people get easily provoked and interact and comment things they're not used to see