I Really Hate My Baby Fat!

Okay Im 21 Years Old And I Got Pregnant With My First Child At 17 And Had Her At 18 I Gained So Much Weight Tried My Best to Lose It But It Was Extremely Hard, So after Me An My Babies Father Broken Up I Had Lost So Much Weight Because Of The Stress I Was Feeling, Then We Had gotten Back Together Eight Months Later and I Eventually Gain Majority Of The Weight Back And I Ened Up Getting Pregnant again With Our Son Year Of 2012 And Now After I Had Have Him I Gain so Much Weight Im Like 236 Pounds Before I Ever Gotten Pregnant I Was 140lb.. I really Need Some Advice On How To Lose This Weight Its Killing Me I Want My Killer Body Back
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26-30, F
4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Google , www. beach body .com
21 day fix.

If you are looking for something that
1) helps you increase your energy and stamina
2) changes you for the better on the outside
3)helps you understand what Paleo is!!!
I absolutely love the video…
Then check out this great website that I found! It may just change your life!
Good luck!

Go to bodyrockers.tv aand click the words archives. there are before and after picture of people from 130 - 300 lbs they are great there workout are fast and they work. Eat right and do these and you can rly do it. Message me i would love to help you :D

look after the baby...work hard...eat at regular meals, excercise regularly...keep in shape! Don't be in cloud nine all the time! Both of you work it out to withstand difficult time! God bless you!

Ha! Ha! Be happy nevertheless! Thanks...for being my friend! Fat or no FAT you are still my FRIEND!!! God bless YOU!!!