10 Things I Hate About Myself

My height.
My frizzy hair.
My double chin.
Fat arms.
Fat legs.
Muscular calves.
Big tummy.
Stretch marks all over.
I sweat too much.
I'm too hairy for a girl.
and I can go on and on....
lonelydinosaur lonelydinosaur
26-30, F
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My hair is probably wayyy frizzier than yours, lol.. I would love y curls if frizz didnt steal definition from my hair!

I'm too damn hairy...Idk if its the cuban in me or what...lol

I hate/love my stretch marks. Organic oils and drinking water helps better than the stretch mark creams..But its nothing you can really do for them..but they are your battle scars! lol
You would love your calfs if you met my quads..I haven't ran for years, and they are still big and strong...I hate them...
But i'd rather have my body..its mine!

I used to run too. Was really into sports when I was young. And my calves are still runner's calves. I agree that stretch marks are battle scars. That's what I actually call them.

Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Aww no problem. Did you calves look big before you got inot sports? If not, you can change it. Takes a while but it took you a while to get there, right? My quads are too huge and I read its because I over worked them and they got too big..bigger than they should. You can look it up..its called hyper something.

I can't really remember. But I wasn't the chicken legs kind of kid back then. I got into sport really early. Gymnastics at age 4-8. Track and field at 7, soccer and volleyball at 12. Basketball and tennis just for fun. So my legs were really muscular. Also I think it runs in the family.


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Everything you mentioned that involves fat is something you can control. You may hate those things about yourself, but... well you can change those things, about yourself.

I am trying to change those things. But some things, even when I lost weight before, never really changed, such as my thighs, I really have big, chunky thighs even when I used to be thin.

That is normal, you are female after all.