Almost No Boobs, Pear-shaped, Average Face.

Those are the things I hate most about myself, my boobs (or lack thereof) being the main thing. I don't know what size they are, but I know that 32As are too big on me. I'm not even skinny enough to justify the fact that I have almost no boobs. I currently weigh about 118 lbs.

I'm pear-shaped. My thighs and calves are pretty big naturally, and the only time they weren't is when I was anorexic and starved myself, which I have no desire to do ever again.

My face is just so-so in my opinion.

I have trouble going outside some days because of how I look. The weird part is, some people have told me that I'm beautiful, but I just don't believe it. Even a couple of people have said I could be a model, but I also think that is bs. (I'm 5'4" anyway, so that's not going to happen.)
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Small breasts are sexy because they are "virginal" looking. And there is nothing hotter than a pear shaped women who knows how to walk! To me you sound SUPER HOT!!!

I will never get the \"virginal\" obsession. It\'s a little strange for someone to like my boobs simply because they give off an \"innocent\" vibe.

Honestly, you don't sound unattractive at all :)

Sorry that's maybe not a very helpful comment, but there it is.

Well, it's not exactly saying that I sound attractive.

try drinking soy milk. There was a study in Japan that said soy milk increase bust and boob size. If that doesn't work, there are some cookies and creams that claim to help increase size. My thighs and calves are also big, and I also don't like them. Please don't go back to being anorexic, it's not worth starving yourself. I haven't seen you, but I believe you are beautiful. I also think my face is ordinary, a lot of people even say I look like somebody (and that somebody is a different person each time a different person says so).

I don't want to try random tricks to increase bust size, because honestly, they never work. I was on birth control pills and that didn't help at all and that usually works for women.
A lot of people say I look like a celebrity that I really don't think is attractive (Alanis Morissette).