I hate my body so ******* much. I'm 15 years old, and I'm only 4'11". I look like a ******* midget. I probably won't even grow anymore because the doctor says my growth rate is slowing. Not only am I short, I am completely flat chested. There is literally NOTHING there, im barely AA and I am so sick of being one of the only girls in my grade with no chest. My arms are so long and skinny and disproportionate to my small body. Even worse, I have a pear shape. My hips are way too wide and that makes my butt really big and it looks horrible. My legs are so short and fat. I hate looking in the mirror and I cry so much over this but there's nothing I can do. I tried starving myself on 900 calories a day to get skinnier but my legs stayed fat and my chest just got smaller. I tried to eat more to get fat to get a bigger chest but it all just goes to my lower body. Exercise doesn't help at all. I'm so jealous of my friends who are all so tall skinny and beautiful and i'm so ugly. I hate myself so much and I wish I didn't look like a ******* nine year old with my ugly body. Why can't i just be normal? if any of you know how I can fix some of the problems I have with my body please tell me im really desperate.

btw please don't tell me to love myself and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes because we all know that's bullshit... there is only one type of beauty and I am not it.
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Well honestly what ur saying is a little far fetched... It's not all about **** and height... I'm 5'9" that's decent for my height and I'm a guy. Girls are naturally shorter and being flat chested isn't really a huge deal. If a guy is really only judging you on your **** then he's not worth it. Just keep your head up and if u need to kik me or if u need any advice or if you just wanna talk my kik is Austin_able97 and if u don't wanna do that then just message me 😄

Those you say are beautiful most likely hate their body as well. Even if you have what you think now is a great body... If you had it, you would still probably want to change it. Your going to have to live with what you've got unfortunately. 👍 but be happy about it either way. So you dont like your body. But at least your different from all the other girls! 👌