I Hate My Body

I guess my story isn't that different from so many other women. I hate my body. I've been over weight my whole life. I'm not hideously ugly in the face department but my body is officially warped. I've gained and lost weight dramatically many times. I can't stand the spring or summer months when I have to wear short sleeve shirts or even capri pants. I can't stand what I look like naked and it effects so many other aspects of my life. To make it worse I know how to eat well and I actually do exercise regularly but my body has just been through too much that it will never ever be anything but what it is. I wish I could be okay with that. I guess what I want to know is How? How do you become okay with who you are? It's so easy to say you should love yourself the way you are and beauty is only skin deep blah blah blah... But I want to know how the hell you go about actually changing your own mind on something as personal as yourself! I don't hate who I am on the inside, I don't even hate my face but everything from the neck down...well frankly everytime I look at myself from the neck down all I feel is sad.

KatMcD KatMcD
Mar 16, 2009