To say I hate it would be an exaggeration but I really dislike my body. I am really skinny and people often say that to me. I often feel conscious that people are looking at me and thinking how skinny I am. It makes me feel inferior and I don't know how any girl could like me like this. I don't have a desire to be a huge muscular guy but I wish I had a better body. At least then I might feel more confident and girls might like me more, coz I don't think I'm ugly, it's just my body... Maybe some girls there can help me? Do skinny guys seem really unattractive to you?
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

I like skinny guys way more than muscular guys. I think that even guys who are considered scrawny are better than bodybuilders. I hope you get more confidence in yourself; because I can't be the only girl in the world who thinks that :)

I happen to think the skinny look is really "in" with men at the moment. If I'm honest I never thought I would be attracted to a skinny man, I liked meaty, bulky men :)<br />
Then I met someone (before my husband) and he was really slim, and it never bothered me at all, I know that it bothered him a little but I found him really attractive........

When I mean like I mean as in having a crush, falling in love sense. I know many people like me as a person, I don't have a problem with friends. It's just feeling unattractive physically. I'm not sick, it's just the build of my body, I don't gain weight easily. Is "Do you like fat girls" supposed to be an answer to my question? I have to admit, usually they do not come as very attractive but some can be.