I Hate the Chef

Ive always hated my body since i was a lil girl, i would remember my parents telling me i was fat and i shouldnt eat as much, not to mention an older brother who would make fun of everything he possibly could. Im older now and still unhappy, i look in the mirror and feel so ugly. All my friends are guys and i get kidna sad when they talk about other girls and how nice their bodys are. Im only 120 pounds at 5'2...im not fat but i have some weight to lose to look the way i want. Sometimes im okay but then at my parents resturaunt the shef calls me fat or says i look fat. It makes me feel like complete ****. Who the **** does that you know..since then i just feel like everything i put into my body is just gunna make me feel like im 20 pounts over weight...I wish i could understand true beauty. I hate when people are like, you look fine, dont worry about what other people think, When it comes from a very good looking person who doesnt have these things to worry about. It drives me crazy...

Rebelrabbit Rebelrabbit
2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

sounds like the chef is an ***. I am also 5'2''. I wish I was 120! I used to be and looked awesome. Now I'm 150. :(<br />
Believe me, you're fine at 120.

I know how you feel, and I must say, you are at a completely normal weight for your height. Yeah, you may have a bit of pudge, but that's essential for... life, pretty much. It's wrong for people to assume another person is fat because they have body fat. The idea of "skinny" is far too overwhelming.<br />
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Don't try to loose twenty pounds, it would be unhealthy. And that chef can just shut up, because they, being a provider of food, has no right to judge anyone on their appearance. If you're still bothered by your body, just find clothing that makes you feel like you're the right size. There are different cuts on shirts and pants that can hide a tummy very easily. <br />
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Don't seek out beauty where all is vain, find beauty in yourself. I wish you luck!