He'll Like Me If...

The first prominent issues that I've had about my body have been since I've been liking this guy; Bob, let's say. And I really want Bob, but I truly think that he will not take a second glance at me with the way I look now. I have a fat ***, my thighs are squishy, and I hate my middle. I'm 135 lb and 5"6, but can't stand it. The girls I see him look at are itty-bitty, and have beautiful bodies. I hate the clothes I wear, because they make me look fat, and I hate that I'm too fat to wear the clothes I like. I wish I was smaller, harder, and more muscular, but I feel so flabby and weak.

I know its bad to tailor yourself for somebody else, like a boy, but I know that it isn't just for Bob. I want to be beautiful for any boy, and for myself. I hate my body. I hate looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I hate it.

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1 Response Nov 17, 2009

i know all to well how you feel! all to well. i was talking to a family friend. ive known him for years and like him sooo much... for ages i didnt believe that he liked me and shyed away. i thought it was impossible cos i am overweight and not pretty like all the girls that he can get. eventually i realised that he liked me for who i was... he even told me that he doesnt want some one tiny he wants someone to be able to hold onto. he says its the same with many guys, they dont want a stick. <br />
anyways by the time i came to my senses he moved on....<br />
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i know its different to your situation but i thought that id share..<br />
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if hes a nice guy hell look past what you think are your problem areas. if he doesnt and he doesnt want you cos of looks then forget about him- hes an *******!<br />
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much love