Marilyn Monroe Is The Sexy Chick

OK, been reading about waist to hip ratios, and how the "perfect" one to have is 0.7 (your waist measurement is 70% of the hips). Marilyn Monroe and the Venus de Milo apparently have this perfect shape, and I'm gonna aim to get it too!

At the moment, my measurements are 38-29-38, which is fairly disappointing (used to have a 26 inch waist, *sob sob*) and gives me the waist to hip ratio of 0.76. Sooo what I have to do to get this ideal shape is lose an inch off my waist, and put 2 inches on my ba-dunk-a-dunk (bum)-preferably through cycling and that. I used to cycle all the time and had an *** to be proud of, but now it's just going flat and the weight's going on my hips. Enough! I've been on a total dietary revamp, and I'm thinking I'm beginning to reap the benefits, but I'm not gonna be happy until I'm a 0.7. I want to be curvy, but in a toned and intentional way, not because I've been snacking too much. I don't ever expect to be really thin because all the women in my family are really big breasted and stuff, but jeez, I wanna look attractive at least :(

I'd be really interested to see what everyones waist to hip measurements are, and if anyone has this magic number! You can find loads of hip to waist ratio calculators online-here's a simple one!-

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Venus De Milo is a painting.. But she was painted beautifully.<br />
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Aspire to be healthy