I Hate My Body

 I hate my body too I feel like I'm about 8 months pregnant my stomach an boobs are the biggest. Than one morning my husband said I was getting as round as I was tall.  I weigh 195.8 so far my heart is good and my cholestroll  finally went to 151 from about 300. I hate for my husband to see me naked .

I did start walking with friends but didn't get to for daughter-law's schedule I probably going to ask her to please fix it so I can walk I keep her baby.

 Going to try some machine in the fitness center  hope they will help me can't do alot due to my back and fibromalgia. Twelve years I weighed 140 size 12 felt a-lot better had energy didn't hurt as bad.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I'm 13 and I hate my body I'm really obese I weigh 153lb when I go to the mall with my friends and they go to Abercrombie,hollister,aeropostale I don't buy anything cause I dont fit in any of the clothes I have to shop at khols in the woman's aile. I hate my body when I wear shirts sometimes you can see my rolls on the back of my shirt and my stomach looks nasty Ill run but my mom won't let me she just watches T.V she not a dead beat mom or anything but she says " Oh yeah well go run around the park and we get home and she watches t.v what do I do? I hate my body with a passion!

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