Gross After Having Kids

 I am a 33 year old mother of 3 and HATE my body now.  I am not over weight I am 5'8" and 135 lbs of nasty flab after having children. I love my children but my body is crap now... I will not get naked in front of anyone. My boobs sag now and my nipples are huge...GROSS; try looking at that in the mirror every day! I have stretch marks and cannot tone my tummy or thighs... I just want to cry!  I am a pretty girl until i get naked,, I get the stare down when men see me naked for the first time and have been talked about after. It has been well over a year since I have even tried to have a relationship because I know what will happen...they will think I am GROSS just like I do!!!!    What do you do when your DNA just sucks and there is nothing you can do about it?

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love what you have, some people have no arms or legs and being positive is the key! My wives nipples tripled in size after 2 kids she is of asian decent and they are huge, dark and long.

They were very firm with beautiful pink nipples before her first pregnancy and are completely different now. They are empty, smaller, softer with enourmous nipples as long and thick as half of my thumb, wrinkled up and some would say GROSS. The reality is I love them now and only want HUGE nipples to suck and pull on while having sex. I pull them and suck them and hop they get even bigger, longer and dark almost black with areola's as big as her whole ***. She wants another baby and with me being pretty much a sure shot with strong swimmers this will happen within a few HOT nipple pulling, biting and sessions. I love her wrinkled up nasty nipples and empty milk sacs. I can't wait until she is pregnant again and her **** explode with the darkest shade of brown areola huge and wrinkled and nipples thick like a spicy pepperoni stick and as long as an edamame bean. Oh the pregnant time is the best . I made a bunch of movies of us the first time around and unfortunately I lost my phone and now our movies are all over videos and hamster not to mention just about every other pregnant and nipple, milk sucking and spraying site. Hey at least I can still watch them along with the rest of the general population. Anyway sorry to get off topic.

Here is the bottom line, not sure if you are married and have a good sex life or not but I'm a frequent flyer and have some racked up air miles. I would gladly swing by with my wife and we can have a nipple fiesta and you will get your confidence back. Some guys would love you saggy nips and flappy stretched up belly - hell even a couple large hemroids around your *** that can be tickled during doggy dog would make ke nut right up to the back of your head and ears when you felt the hot goo hit your neck and looked hack in shock from my squiring power and thick creamy sticky love sauce you would get the grand long shot of *** in your eyes nose and mouth and it would slowly make its way to your saggy raisin bags and would would look at me again and just form looking at those warlock little granny tithes I would give you one more blast in your face and then slap you lightly with my **** to make sure you don't get anymore surprise my wife would
*** into the action and get some slobbery noisy *** swapping going on with you while she teaches you how to deep throat a **** as round as a pepsi can and the length of my wife's asian fore arm roughly 11 inches give or take, once you guys have been throated and gotten sloppy I would take it to the hole and blast another HOT wad all over your troll body.

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Don't hate your body. I love natural women. The perfect sculpted body is great but you loose too much life trying to obtain and keep it. As far as saggy with big nipples; I think that's very erotic. I love em. Keep your head up and love your kids. Everything else works out.

Try joining a bootcamp and you gotta workout HARD like I'm talking dripping sweat until your vision blurs. That's the only way you're going to tone up and lose that unsightly pouch. You are putting your marriage at risk refusing sex, and I am not joking. Men are very visual and need sex to be fulfilled and not look elsewhere. Start eating better now, no more treats! Veg and fruit are your best friends and so is cardio.

Now get out there and go for a run so u can look hot again!

I feel like you do. I had a c section 3 months ago and I hope I don't get that flap everyone talks about. I've become obsessed with working out to get rid of that fat. I'm also 5'8 and I weigh 168 which is my army weight limit. I look great at 155-160 so that's what I'm aiming for. It's hard to find time to workout so people dont understand. I got a friend to loan me her treadmill so even if I'm alone with the baby I can workout. My husband helps too so I got lucky there. I won't have sex with him though cause I don't want to be seen naked. I've always been really vain about my body and this is crazy for me. I hate looking in the mirror at that scar and the ponch above it. Makes me physically sick and I can't understand why my husband insists on harassing me for sex. I don't even like to be touched. I want a breast lift and maybe some implants cause I'm done having kids. I have three kids sink know its hard for you to workout. Maybe your mother or their other grandmother can keep then while you start a walking regimen. You don't even have to change your diet much just walk. It's great. As far as your breasts go, I'm in the same boat with you. I hate mine and their disgusting and I dont have money to fix them but I'm hoping one day that I will.

the right man will not care. In fact I find my wifes body more sexual after 2 kids. She has stretch marks and a ponch after c section that isn't going away. It's nice to look at the 20 somethings but reality is that we all get older and sag. Have you scene an old guys balls hanging to his knees? thats gross LOL

I totally understand where you are coming from. People think it's always about weight, but exercise will not lift your breast, or get rid of unsightly stretch marks. I remember crying after I was finished with breastfeeding my first born. I couldn't believe, or didn't know breast would not go back to normal for some women. The sagging of breast has left me with no choice but to wear a bra during intimacy. After having my second child, and a divorce. I refuse to show my body to a new man. I havn't been with anyone sexually in over four years. I just can't bring myself to do that, knowing my body looks used. I don't have the money for plastic surgery. I've just learned to accept the fact " I will most likely be single for the rest of my life." Giving birth is truly a sacrifice.

Exercise will tone you back up again, having no more kids will stop things getting any worse. You probably look fine anyway. And I like big nipples on women :-)

It wont do anything for saggy stomach...ive tried..:'(

stop being a whiny lazy fatass and start working