2 Skinny

sometimes i think im 2 skinny....ppl always ask me if i eat an say all the fuhking time im about 5,9 an i waigh 125 anyone thinks thats to skinny....its seriously not my fault i just have a high matabalzum or how ever u spell it i just burn fat faster then most ppl with out even lifting a finger
DownInTheDark DownInTheDark
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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Im the same way,a little taller than u and all i weigh is 140,im skinny

thats good, could be worse

I know how you feel. 6'2'', 146lbs here. i have that high matabalizm and i dont realy like to eat. People always make comments to me, my face, and behind my back all the time. I feel your pain

I'm 5'8" and weigh 115lbs and I am very depressed about it. I am going to try the Body for Life program soon and will try to bulk and tone up. It is possible to get bigger w/o getting fatter, just to let you know. And yeah it is too skinny.