I am five four and weigh 180. Most prople think this is chubby but you can actually see my ribs pokibg out. All my weight is in my thighs, ***, and most unfortuantly my my boobs. I wear a 34 DDD. Most women think that this is a perfect dream, but, in reallity its a curse. I am only 16 but get asked daily if I have had a boob job or liposuction on my stomach. Pants are a b***h to find that fit and bras are inpossiable to buy I always have to special order. Even all of tihs is a pain, I could live with that but I absolutely CANNOT stand the nickname that I have been called since I was 12. ********. Even my mom has ended up caloing me that instead of Paige. ********. I wish that word ad never been uttered. So thats what my looks have made meh. Something I have no control over at all. A ********.

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I know this not going to help in any positive way, but I wish I looked like you