Can't Help But Cry..

I'm 15 years old, and I'm going through that "stage". I've come to the point where I've cried when I looked in the mirror before I got in the shower. I'm relatively skinny, 5'71/2 about 128 pounds. But when I look at the giant lumps on my sides, that have formed stretch marks on them, and then my boobs(which i hardly have any of) and then... a little further down, I HATE it. My "chacha" doesn't look normal in my eyes, it has excess skin coming from it, instead of just staying all clean and pretty. It's kept my from doing so much with my life( not sexually). I hate my belly button , which is a little too big.

People ask me why I wear so much make up, that I'm pretty without it. But in my eyes, makeup is all I have to give me that little ounce of self esteem.

My body had become my biggest fear and my biggest problem.

& I'm here to find someone that feels the same.

singfromtheheartXO singfromtheheartXO
13-15, F
Mar 14, 2010