Pectus Carinatum

Hi im 16 and im in 11th grade and i have Pectus carinatum for those of you who dont lmow what Pc is, it is a deformity where your ribs are protruding out of your chest. I was born with Pc and it didnt  really shown until 9th grade. I used to be real social but since my chest pops out of my chest im not so much social any more. I  wear three shirts to hide it so knowone will find out. I feel like since im about to graduate in 1 and a half years that my whole high school career has been a total waste thanks to Pc. I feel like its holding me back from the things i wanted to do and the things i want to do but cant because im afraid someone will find out and just point it out to everyone around and embarrass me. Im afraid to ask out any girls because they would reject me and tell all their friends and it would spread around the whole school and i fell like a total loser because even the nerds no offense have girlfriends but i dont and never have. I feel depressed because i think because of Pc i will never have a girlfriend or even a family someday because of it. I recently started to research my deformity and found out i had Pc, i also started to search and see if there is a solution like surgery or a brace. Anyone else who has Pc tell your parents to go see a doctor and try and get it fixed you dont want to go through 4 years of high school and not have a girlfriend or be unsocial or not play any sports because of it,  it will make you feel like you dont have a reason to live and think of suicide or that you're useless. I recently talked to  my parents and they set up an appointment during spring break to see what would need to be done in order to get this thing fixed it has ruined my perception of life and my life trust me you dont want to go thru high school like that. . Thank you guys for reading my story and again if you have Pc get it checked out.

OMGitsKrysis OMGitsKrysis
Mar 19, 2010