I Hate Breasts

I come from a long line of big chested women so it really wasn't a shock that I had to start wearing bras at the age of 11. I remember crying when I was forced to stay in my room unless I was wearing a bra. By the time I was 14 I was nearly a D and I had to be pulled from school because I was bullied to the point I would refuse to go. Even among other home school girls I still stood out and I hated it. By 17 I was binding my chest by any means, I remember my mom telling me to knock it off and that I looked like a dike. The first person who ever made me feel even slightly ok about my breasts is my current husband and we had sex before I ever let him touch my chest.
I began to except that I was 38DDD and that I was going to always have the dents on my shoulders and that I could never wear a cute shirt....... until 4 months ago I was re sized as 38EE. I left that store and cried all the way home. I went home, put on every sports bra I owned and ended up passing out because I couldn't breath.
Obviously a breast reduction was a must for me to even continue with my daily life. So at the age of 23 (2 weeks ago) I underwent a breast reduction..... Got to say, that was the scariest thing I have ever done. I remember them laying my on the table and me unable to control my shaking as they drugged be before anesthesia and it went black.. I woke up with this unbearable stinging in my chest and a fat lip (apparently even drugged I fought the anesthesiologist and he hit my lip on accident). I began to struggle because I wanted to get up so the had to give me a pain shot in my leg to control me (hurt more than my chest ever did!!) which cause me to fall back asleep. When I woke up the next time first thing I did was pull my gown so I could see my new breasts.. There were still huge to me and I was really upset. But honestly 38D isn't that bad, I just need to get use to them. Right now I am covered in tape for 2 more days (I hope) but I have noticed a small infection starting so I will end up scarring badly. Also I have lost 90% of feeling in both breasts, made healing go easy but another sacrifice I made.
This really huge decision but it was worth it to me! But I'm still huge.. oy.
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