I Hate My Boobssss!!!!!!

I'm 18, I'm 5, 10 inches, I'm thin and got a d cup.......and i have the ugliest boobs in the entire world! They are so saggy, they point down to the floor! It's like someone shoved 60 year old breasts on an 18 year old body. I hate them so much I cant look at them when I'm naked. I hate taking my bra off during sex, especially if I'm doing it with someone new. I just cry whenever I look at them...its so unfair, I've seen my friends boobs and their just nice 18 year old perky boobs, i just hate them so much. their only gonna get worse. :(  

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I love large saggy boobs , a lot of men do so don't be embarrassed

Don't worry about them. My experience is that people will like them anyway

Mmm..big saggy boobs on a young, thin girl? Could there possibly be anything sexier??????? That's hot!!!!

Relaxed look is good. Perky is so over rated! Enjoy who you are!

19, 5,7" and 38F, little bit chubby but my boobs are still growing >< I need new bras every month.

Much ado about nothing hon. You're way too young for me, but I LOVE that look on a woman my age. When I was your age, I had a girlfriend like that and she was the one who turned me on to what I like for ****. TOTALLY a turn on.

do you have any pics?

i like saggy boobs..........

Check out www.007b.com and you'll see all kinds of pictures of all kinds of boobs. There are no perfect breasts and no such thing as an ugly set when they are attached to someone you love.

Are you, or have you been wearing underwire bras? You should. Even before that, maybe it's just the way your breasts are shaped! Maybe they aren't sagging, but just hang lower? I would recommend against activities like jogging if you want to maintain them as you age.

don`t worry. Not everyone is a model. Love yourslef. I know others will. I think your boobs are hot.

love them.....they are the only ones u got

You may not believe me but those are my favorite kind so cheer up! All is not lost...be thankful for them because some women have lost theirs. I hope I didnt offend, just gotta be thankful for what we DO have :)

I love saggies! :-)


U need to do deer massage

Don't feel too bad about it. Most guys like thin girls with big boobs - that's a rare combination. Just wear a good bra and you will find someone who will enjoy your body just as it is (and hopefully you will too).

I hope you don't still stress out about this. There are plenty of guys out there who love boobs that look just like yours. Personally, I think it's really hot and sexy to see boobs like that. They're generally softer and more fun to play with; plus you know they're real that way. Fake ones aren't nearly as enjoyable. I'm sure they look great!!

I feel your pain...I am in the exact same boat as you. 17 years old with the breast of a grandmother and they ale me so depressed sometimes :(

At least you have boobs! :) I'm 19 and I use to be a B cup but I lost a bunch of weight and weigh 93 pounds now and I'm a AA cup. :,( I absolutely hate it! Breast implants later in life for me maybe.haha you could always get a breast reduction :)

Don\'t put that crap in your body be proud of what you have.

don't do that
there are a lot of guy who like small boobs, I love small boobs, small boobs and a good *** are my two favorite things

Yeah but my chest looks like a ten year olds chest with how small they are, not exactly what guys are looking for :/

I'm still young I'm just 13 right now and I've barly have any boobs but my older sister said to not stress and eat as healthy as I can till im start to wear a bra and everything will be fine of course she 17 and she has perfect boobs and since im 5,1 feet and I size 10-12 in gap I still fill like a 9 year old but I hope everything and to all y'all that think u have ugly boobs they could be worst look at the worlds oldest woman's boobs .

i heard guying without a bra as much as possible can help that it may strengthen the ligaments in your chest and perk them up (but not when you are lying down sleeping) if you can try it for a few months ill assume you might have to go most of the day without one but i do not know for sure.<br />
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so im curious... with having saggy boobs, do you find that you fall out of your bra mr often or have to readjust a lot? or does it not make in difference... just curious

Scary I just commented on a similar post I'm a 30 year old normal guy... despite the fact I am on the web commenting on a saggy breast story lol! seriously I go to the gym have a good job and do okay with members of the opposite sex so trust me not every man want's what you may think.

i know ur trying to say learn to live with them n thats such good advice but it is so hard wen u hate them that much ... i hav awful boobs but am quite attractive n thats wat hurts me the most i didnt deserv to hav a body like this :( its so unfair x

I'm 21 now and I know just how you feel. I never thought I would get over the way I felt about my boobs. They are the same way and I hated it for a really long time. I figured I could do one of two things, get them fixed or just deal with it. your chest doesn't make you who you are, it has nothing to do with how smart, funny or how great of a friend you are. I never went to get mine fixed for a couple of reasons. I wanted to learn to love me for me, no one is perfect and yes it sucks that our flaw is right up front but its our flaws that make us unique, My husband loves me for my personality, intelligence, and beauty. he also loves my chest, Human nature is to want to be perfect and sweetheart, I bet you don't even know how perfect you are to the people around you. Learn to look at your self and say you know what I might not like my chest that much but I love my butt and my tummy and my legs and my hair and my eyes. Name off what you already love and learn to love the parts of yourself that you don't.

Well that is a great thing that you have a husband that loves you for how you are so I defiantly agree with you that you should not get your breast done .enjoy your Life no matter what is your flaw think of your perfections enjoy your youth ur husband and that ur atleastnot paralyzed your life could be a million times worst.:)