Why Do I Hate My Boss

I hate my boss cause he always thinks he is right. Its like "He is big and I am small . He is right and I am wrong . And there is nothing I can do about it. Once he scolded me infront of one of my collegues without any specific reason. That time i thought I could go and scream and smash his bald head with a hammer. But I love my job . So I have nothing to do other than endure the pain of working under an *** HOLE.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Same problem here i hate my boss too.
I love teaching very much. I am a senior teacher.
I hd an accident two weeks ago. I hd TIA while diving.
i was on MC for 13 days. Hd plastic surgery to my right eye.
My boss hates long MC regardless any reasons.
She wants all her teachers to be like superman.
She is rude , bossy , inconsidered and zero tolerance for sick people.
I ws pissed off for the first time with my boss.
I stood my ground and whatever she said did not matter anymore.
I never asked to be sick or injured.
Here i realised i can work for success but it is a failure to me if i am trying to please everyone even my boss.
I lost respect to this kind of boss.
Today is my bad day ... world is round , one day her day will come.
I feel bad to wish for this but she is too much.