Ugh.. Total Boss From Hell

You know that commercial? With the monkeys running the business??  I'd be sittin in my boss's office looking at his disgusting tufts of ear hair .. yeahhhhhhhh.. and feel like taking my black sharpie and just scribbling all over his gross comb over ... and all over his face.. I never listened to a damn word that came out of his mouth because it was useless .. blah blah blahhhhhhhh...... and would sit there and just envision telling him to **** off and go wax his ear hair. F8cking gross .. old .. ballllssssssssssss.. Glad I'm outta there!!!!!!!  Thanks for lettin me rant!!
Whateverrrrrrrrrr Whateverrrrrrrrrr
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

A good boss brings out the best in you, a bad boss brings out the worst. They certainly bring out the worst in me!