Leave For Greener Pastures

One Sunday evening I get a call on my cell phone. It is one of the two directors at the organization I once worked. I am not scheduled to be at work that evening, and I wish I had let the phone go to voicemail.

She says, "I called to have a personal-professional conversation with you." (Utterly impossible!)

I respond, "Ok."

She continues by saying, "I see you have aligned your travel plans with Colleague X, and I want to understand why."

Background: We were going on a business trip with collaborative partners.

I say that Colleague X shared her itinerary with me, so I booked the same flights as they were available.

She responds, "Oh, I am just checking. You should really limit your conversations with Colleague X because it is not working out. We will not renew her contract, but don't tell her. You should look up to form professional relationships, not laterally. Colleague X isn't even on your level. She hasn't done all that you have and doesn't have your experience. On the trip, you are with Director # 2 and must do what she does to show our organization as a unit."

I resent her and lose the modicum of respect I have for her. I think for myself and can choose with whom I will and will not associate with. Who does she think she is? Anyway, I play office politics.

On the trip...

Director # 2 berates Colleague X, calls her incompetent and yells at her in front of the collaborative partners, and talks badly about her during lunch and dinner. What an unprofessional, immature b****! She seems to think no one is competent but herself and Director # 1. I thought I left this behind in junior high. Director # 2 makes the trip miserable for everyone IMHO.

I secretly seek out Colleague X to offer support and encouragement. I hang out with her while on the trip secretly. Seriously, I sneak around with her as if we are having an affair. How sad!

I wasn't surprised by their actions. I have seen this many times before, and I have been on the receiving end more often than not. Another colleague unaffectionately calls them the two-headed dragon. They should not e directing anything treating people like that.

I am praying to release all the anger and resentment I feel for these women. In ten years, I don't want to be like these women who have nothing nice to say about anyone.

One thing is certain: I am very happy that I no longer have to work at the company or with these women. I, like others, were bullied there. I have so many stories.

Perhaps, I will share them to drive home that leaving on your own terms is the best option in situations like these. Document everything and stand up for yourself as you plan your exit. Don't stay because it will never get better even though you try. It never gets better!

LovesHangover LovesHangover
31-35, F
Dec 3, 2012