Dinks, All of Them

Simply as the name of this group states I hate my bosses. I have 4 bosses and they are all a bunch of ********. My first 3 immediate bosses have no spines what so ever. The other one dictates and rants and cries and they bend over and open there ******** for a good *******. Then come down to me and expect me to do the same thing. Sorry, I am not a ***** and a kiss *** so **** you. Now all I need to do to make myself happy is pick the perfect day to quit without them knowing.
TheCheese TheCheese
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

Yuck hate *** lickers, creepy mo fo's!!! My boss is an idiot and I like to tell him so everyday, I get away with calling him names and shouting at him so it's not all bad lol!