I hate my boyfriend. Amonst all the things I hate about my boyfriend is the terid fact that he is morbidly overweight. Yep, he sits on the coach all day and all night...EATING. Then when the night is done, he is tired. He does not want to do anything. He just sits there. He does not talk. Nothing. He'll occasionally fall asleep on me. He never wants to do anything fun during the night. He never wants to do anything at all. Days are going by and I say to myself, can i really keep doing this. Can I really stay with him?
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

My bf is the same. I always suggest we go jogging or something but he never wants to. Sometimes I look how big he's getting and wonder how much longer I will be attracted to him. :(

Maybe you should go on active dates if he is up to it. Like say you make his favorite meal but tell him your going on a picnic. He has to hike the mouantain before he gets any food.

i feel bad about this situation.