my boyfriend always promised he would never cheat and i believed him and i have all of the passwords and information his email, face, ect. so i got on his email because i used his email to get a new account for something and i saw something about fling? i had no idea what it was so i went and checked it out. it turns out its an online adult dating site almost like ****. you can video chat and everything. it wouldnt have made me so mad if he hadnt made it a few months ago. we have been dating for alomst a year! i dont know what to do. should i just forget it and leave it like it is or should i break up with him or something? any advice?
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Is he strict and jealous with you? Ask him.

just bring it up and talk about it. im sure its nothing that cant be resolved as long as there is no emotional attachment to anyone and he hasnt slept with anyone onthe site. Maybe the discussion can uncover some problems that yall are having and hopefully they can be resolved....good luck