I ******* Hate Him.

  • When i met my boyfriend he seemed so cool. He was nice polite and bought me everything under the sun to prove he loved me.

  • He treated me as his equal and never questioned my judgement or pushed my limits we where very happy together,.

  • We decided to move to vernon after only knowing each other for 3 months and that was the first of my many mistakes.

  • Things went fine for awhile and we truely were in the honeymoon period, playing with each other and respecting each other

  • making baby faces and having romantic dinners at home. It started going down hill fast though i decided to finish my schooling

  • and there was no work in vernon and my boyfriend started getting angery all the time. He even hit me once, " To try & get my attention."

  • He started down talking me in frount of all my new friends trying to make me look like an idiot and get a reaction out of me.

  • He even told one of my new friends i use to cut myself, which is totally my own ******* business. At this point i was already

  • scared of him, he would tackle me down to the bed and do pressure point on my body till i stopped fighting him to get up.

  • He started acting controling and not letting me hangout with any of my friends without "Checking in" If he couldn't get ahold

  • of me he'd freak out. We decided to move again, well actually he decided to move i more or less got pushed into the situation

  • and quickly found myself in a different province with this crazy pshyco. We move and our problems are as bad as ever, He tells me

  • that i need to get a job so i do, started to work at the liqour store and it wasn't good enough for him. He was still getting mad at me

  • trying to control me and not letting me have a goodtime with my friends. Im seriously almost at the point of just leaving. He talks to me

  • like a child, he trys to control me all the time. He makes me wait for him all day everyday and gets mad if i get angery at him for being 3 hours late.

  • He has no conceration of my feelings and im just fed up to the teeth. He can go **** himself.angry

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2 Responses Aug 20, 2010

read The Girls' Guide to Predators by Allison Summers. Your boyfs behaviour is classic textbook psychopath behaviour. The first three months he woo's his victim perfectly, and the very moment he has you on the hook, he drops the act and becomes his real self. Then you spend the next 1, 2, 10 years in search of that "loving guy who I just *know* is there".... RUN FROM THESE BASTARDS AND GET AWAY WHILE YOU CAN. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. HAVE NO CONTACT WITH HIM EVER AGAIN.

I see that you wrote this in 2010, so you maynever get my comment, but I really hope you got away from that *******. I can definitely relate to your experience. I ******* hate my girlfriend. We fight all the time. I agreed to move in with her at her mom's while we both finished school-big mistake. Her mom is a ******* ***** too. I would like to tell them to both kiss my *** and get the **** out of here, but the situation just gets more complicated as time goes on. I really hope everything worked for u though.