I Hate My Boyfriend, But Won't Leave..

Wow, where to begin.. I met my current boyfriend when I was 11... love at first sight... but he was 15, so when he moved, we went seperate ways. 12 years later, 3 days before I'm moving from TX to CA, he emails me on Facebook. Immediately, I drop ALL my plans and start a relationship with him. This was 18 months ago. I have a 3 yr old son who lives with us and my boyfriend is SO mean to him. He literally acts like he's allergic to him; won't touch his dirty clothes with a ten ft pole, won't hug him, etc. My son is my life & his dad isn't in the picture at all. My bf (we'll call him Jeremy) is SO selfish with most things, but not with others. I don't understand. He's vindictive, mean, rude, proud, loud, and extremely uncaring. If my stomach is hurting, instead of love, I get, "oh, mine is, too, real bad". Same with headaches, toothaches, etc. I cook, clean, take care of both of them, and work part time. He won't do anything to help me go to school (I think he's scared of me being better than him cause he didn't even finish high school - got a GED). He thinks he's smarter than anyone on Earth, no joke! He's always trying to figure out ways to prove he's better, smarter, cleaner, etc, than me... really? ALL I do is clean! And he's always trying to find reasons to yell and cuss at my son and degrade him right in front of me. He CONSTANTLY goes through my phone, email, facebook, etc when I'm taking a shower, he NEVER let's me see my sister or my best friend. I go to work and come straight home (he works, too, and does the same). No IFs, ANDs, or BUTs about it. If I even GLANCE at another male that, to others, may be decently attractive, he FREAKS out. If I'm on the phone with him while I'm at work & he hears another voice, it's automatically, "who the hell is that? What is he saying? Why is he talking to you?".. he keeps our house FREEZING where my son and I have to wear warm-ups & jackets to be comfortable, I can't watch ANYthing I want to on tv when he's here, my son is never allowed out of his room when he's here unless it's to use the restroom & he still gets ridiculed for that... I'm SO tired of fighting! How in the hell do I still love this jerk?!? But when we're happy, a day or 2 out of the month, it's magical... UGH!!
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Please leave him. The thought of him being mean to your son makes my stomache turn inside out! Why are you allowing this to even Happen? R u 4real! It's not even his dad fgs.. even that wouldn't b Ok but come on..
Get rid of him if you can't c wat its doin to your son you don't deserve to be a mother! Shame!!!!

For your sons sake and for your own you have to leave him.<br />
<br />
The damage his behaviour is doing to your son now is nothing to how bad things can become. <br />
<br />
You have to provide a safe loving home for your son.

Leave him now. You will get over it and your son in the future will love you more for it. <br />
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I was in a "episode" (won't call it anything but that now) for 3 years, 2 of those years were without my son because he was still abducted in Ecuador. I finally got him back and the douchebag dork, just belittled and berated him. When he finally broke and said he felt like he was going to punch both him and i in the face. I left, fast and hard, my son ended up with a friend (who later betrayed me horribly) and i went to a scary motel and scary crap happened, but now I am safe with my son. He's safe, I'm safe, he's almost seventeen and my life. Life for him now while your son needs you, not this creepy guy that will ruin you both. Get out now. Please. Karma be with you.<br />
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Peace and Light

Ugh!!! No fucken way! you need to leave him...I don't care how lovely the few days of the month are special. Your son comes first, and you don't want to be stuck with this idiot. Do you know what you are doing to your son? I'm sorry I didn't take my own advice 18 years ago...I had my son when I was 13 years old and have put up with **** from his father ever since. Even though this is his son the way I allowed him to treat me the way he did in front of our son was wrong on my part BIG TIME! Not to mention hurting my self and who knows how much more I could have done in life had I gotten rid of this scum bag piece of **** loser along time ago. He is an idiot I'm 31 now and our son is a senior in high school, he wants to be a PA he is a good kid no thanks to his idiot father. My advice to you Love yourself enough to realize that you and your son deserve better don't waste your time your life and your efforts on this jerk who clearly is not worth 2 cents.

You only live once, you CAN do so much better! But most importantly think what this behaviour will affect your son. You need to leave him