Now Tell Me What To Do.....

So my boyfriend has this habit of ignoring me when he's upset with me because I've told him it hurts me the most.  He ignored me for a week (we talk every single night) and when he decided to start talking to me I was pissed - I was drinking at the time and I got angry I said "f you" a lot but I never rubbed anything he told me personally into the conversation.  He's in college and told me that he was going to do his senior work and then we'd hard as it was for me, I agreed.  He sent me an email telling me that I was a "monster" and that he was glad our argument wasn't in person because he was afraid that I would hurt him....I have dated him for a year and a half and have never been mean except that one day but I would NEVER be physical with my anger.  Now he won't tell me he loves me, told me last night that he wanted to be back together but he was "scared" and didn't elaborate.  I know, I was mean, I was angry but really? to be labeled a monster after spending thousands on him coming to visit? a new computer? anything he wanted? am I wrong to feel that I should be afforded a mulligan?
asystole78 asystole78
May 5, 2012