Ballsy Poop....

I don't hate my boyfriend... i love him beyond belief. He's a drunk,and addict, whatever you want to call it. He's a mean drunk. I feel like he hates me when he drinks, he never says it, but he portrays this attitude of disliking everything and disliking everyone, including me. 
He's my best friend when he's sober, even though, he still maintains this uncomfortable, dislike of himself and the world around him. When we first met, he was never so bitter. I feel like I have the problem sometimes.... maybe I do, maybe we both do
I have a strong belief system about staying with the person you've dedicated yourself too ( we've been together 7 years ) and trying to work it through. I'm just a young woman who hates her circumstances....I love him, but I hate the way he acts, I hate the booze, I hate having to wait....
he's 34, i'm 22... can someone change at that point? I'm just about to go back to school ( for social work if you can believe it ). I'm so fed up, but I'm confused because i'm in love.    
The other part.. I might be pregnant.  He is not excited.  i just feel so balls.cketsofsalad
joniaitken joniaitken
May 7, 2012